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Honouring Seven Recipients of the Victoria Cross

Individual acts of great courage occur frequently during war, but often go unseen and unrecorded. Those that are remembered often stand out as examples for all to admire and respect. The Canadians that were awarded the Victoria Cross, the Commonwealth's highest military decoration for bravery, overcame incredible adversity in the face of danger - some of these heroes paid with their lives. Their valour sets them apart as Canadians of the highest order. Seven of their stories are recorded here.

The amazing stories of these seven men and their actions - both in World War I and World War II - remind us of the men and women who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their service to their country.


Welcome to the For Valour Website. This website was produced by the Office of Air Force Heritage and History in cooperation with Pattern Interactive and the Canadian Heritage Information Network to provide a personal connection between Canadians and those who have and continue to proudly serve our country. The 'For Valour' website recreates stories of the seven Canadian 'Air' Victoria Cross recipients in an interactive graphic novel style format. Come in and take flight, your journey is only limited by your imagination!

Educational Resources For Teachers

In addition to information about the seven Victoria Cross recipients, we have created additional educational resources for teachers to use in the classroom. Students can learn about other military medals as well as depictions of war in art. Click here to visit the Educational Resources page.

Experience Their Stories


Go to video: Good Night, Mr Brophy
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Go to video: A Modest Hero
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Go to video: The Lone Hawk
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Go to video: What Greater Love
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Go to video: Hammy
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