50 Bridges Script

Over top of a waving Canadian flag, the title on the screen reads “On September 7, 2007, The 401 from Trenton to Toronto was renamed The Highway of Heroes.” The screen dissolves to a military passenger plane and five hearses, each with a small Canadian flag. The hearses are then shown on the tarmac flanked by soldiers, with a group of onlookers to the side. A man speaks in what sounds like a legion or social hall, saying “At eleven o’clock on this eleventh day of November, we’d like to invite you to share with us two minutes of silence in honour of our veterans.

Plane and hearse

The song begins as the hearses are once again shown with the Air Force passenger plane in the background. The perspective changes, and a casket draped in a Canadian flag is shown being lowered from the plane. Onlookers are in the foreground as the singing begins: They fought and some died for their homeland. Soldiers carry the casket toward the hearses; the singing continues: They fought and some died now it’s our land . The scene of hearses and the plane dissolves to onlookers behind a fence peering in at the scene; many are dressed in red, and there are Canadian flags seen as well. The singing continues: Look at his little child, there’s no fear in her eyes / Could he not show respect for other dads who have died?

A field of Canadian flags is shown, as the singing (chorus) begins: Take two minutes, would you mind?/It’s a pittance of time. The shot dissolves to one of veterans in military attire saluting; the singing continues: For the boys and the girls who went over. A large crowd is shown lining the Highway of Heroes as a white car drives by; many people are wearing red and holding Canadian flags. The singing continues: In peace may they rest, may we never forget why they died. / It’s a pittance of time.

People line the side of the highway with Canadian flags

Further down the Highway of Heroes, fire rescue trucks fly Canadian flags as the white car passes. The second verse begins: God forgive me for wanting to strike him. Police motorcycles are shown parked beside the highway, officers saluting; the singing continues: Give me strength so as not to be like him. The white car is shown driving under an overpass draped in Canadian flags; on the overpass, citizens officers stand and watch. The singing continues: My heart pounds in my breast, fingers pressed to my lips; other similar overpasses are shown as the singing continues: My throat wants to bawl out, my tongue barely resists.

The chorus begins: But two minutes I will bide / It’s a pittance of time. The shot dissolves to military personnel holding flags alongside the Highway of Heroes. The singing continues: For the boys and the girls who went over. Another overpass is shown, this one lined with people, a fire truck, and flags, one showing rows of crosses and a poppy. The singing continues over this and two other shots of overpasses: In peace may they rest, may we never forget why they died. / It’s a pittance of time. More overpasses featuring civilians waving, wearing red shirts and carrying flags, as well as officers of various natures saluting.

A firetruck atop a bridge

A man is shown at the side of an overpass, hand over his heart, as traffic races by. The third verse begins: Read the letters and poems of the heroes at home. Firefighters are shown standing atop their fire truck on overpasses surrounded, saluting and surrounded by civilians. The singing continues: They have casualties, battles, and fears of their own. There’s a price to be paid if you go, if you stay / Freedom is fought for and won in numerous ways.

The chorus begins as images of people alongside the Highway of Heroes are shown waving and flying Canadian flags; overpasses with civilians, officers and many Canadian flags are seen as well. The chorus: Take two minutes would you mind? / It’s a pittance of time / For the boys and the girls all over / May we never forget our young become vets / At the end of the line it’s a pittance of time

Firemen standin ontop of a firetruck and saluting

The fourth verse begins as we see two police officers standing beside their squad car, saluting: It takes courage to fight in your own war. A very full overpass on the Highway of Heroes is shown as the procession passes underneath; the singing continues It takes courage to fight someone else’s war. Officers are seen saluting atop a fire truck on an overpass as the verse continues: Our peacekeepers tell of their own living hell / They bring hope to foreign lands that the hatemongers can’t kill.

Various overpasses featuring civilians and officers saluting, waving, and holding Canadian flags are shown. The singing continues: Take two minutes, would you mind? / It’s a pittance of time / For the boys and the girls who go over / In peacetime our best still don battle dress / And lay their lives on the line. A close-up of civilians and firefighters holding flags fades in as the chorus concludes: It’s a pittance of time.

A line-up of emergency workers and ambulances are seen as the singing draws to a close: In Peace may they rest, lest we forget why they died. / Take a pittance of time. Firefighters are shown saluting and standing on guard as the procession passes through city streets. A young boy is shown holding a handmade sign that says “Thank You Soldiers” as the song fades. Rows of crosses are seen, then dissolves to a waving Canadian flag. A title appears overtop of the flag reading “We Stand On Guard For Thee.”

The closing credits read: A Pittance of Time; Written & Performed by www.Terry-Kelly.com. The next title screen reads: Video graciously provided by MacKinnon and Bowes; www.mackinnonbowes.com

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